USANA12 Holds a Special Place in My Heart

Can you believe it? Another USANA International Convention has come and gone. I can barely believe it myself. Four days of inspiring talks, informational breakout sessions, and, well, we can’t leave out the iPads, right?

Every Convention is special to me, but this particular one holds a special place in my heart. Twenty years. Twenty years of building, working, struggling, succeeding, and yes, sometimes even failing. USANA has made a huge difference in the world, and we’ve changed so many lives for the better through our products, our business, and our charitable giving. Sometimes, it seems unbelievable to me, but after spending four days with the USANA family, I can believe it. We ARE making a difference in the world. And just like our brand promise says — everything we do helps you love life and live it.

There were so many incredible parts to this year’s Convention that there is no way I can recap them all. So I am just going to mention a few of my favorite moments that touched, inspired, and entertained me.

My first real “a-ha” moment came watching the launch of the new brand. All the months and long days that were put into creating the new look and feel for USANA came back to me as we watched the logo literally come to life on stage. This new logo is fresh, it’s relevant, and I can’t wait for people around the world to start seeing the new USANA online, in our new publications, and on our updated bottles and packaging.

I couldn’t write a blog about my favorite moments and not mention the USANA True Health Foundation. The generosity that abounded from our Associates in their donations was absolutely incredible. But really, we all know the star of the show was the management team in their new logo spandex. These guys gave up a little bit of their dignity for an amazing cause, and in the end that dignity was replaced with honor for representing such an amazing charity.

And who could forget the iPads? When I made the announcement on stage that every distributorship would receive a free iPad, the cheers were deafening! It’s our 20th anniversary, right? You deserve a gift, but your business deserves a gift, too. I have to admit I had USANA in mind when I gave you this gift — yes, I want you to have fun with your iPad, but I also want you to build your business with it. I want to see your business grow, and I want to see it grow exponentially. I’m hoping with these new iPads you will take the opportunity to take your business through the roof!

And was it just me, or were the speakers we had this year out-of-control amazing? From John C. Maxwell and Jason Ryan Dorsey to Dr. Christiane Northrup, Jen Groover, and my father, Dr. Myron Wentz, it was an incredible lineup. And who expected Dr. Mehmet Oz to come out of that trap door on stage ripping on a guitar? Unforgettable!

But the most important part of Convention for me, and every Convention I’ve ever been to, is the Associates. Because without you, none of this would be possible. From the moment Sterling Ottesen — USANA’s first Associate — took the stage, I was reminded of how much respect and love I have for every Associate. You make this happen. You keep USANA growing. You are the reason that everything we do helps people love life and live it.

So now it’s time to get back to work, for both of us. Time to use the amazing new tools we’ve been given, both physical and intellectual, to take USANA to a whole new level. It’s time to start the next 20 years with USANA and to make this company and your life even better!

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  1. Wu chia chun
    Wu chia chun says:


  2. Sherry Tusa
    Sherry Tusa says:

    I’m extremely grateful for & proud to be associated with a company with USANA’s integrity & science. The 2012 Convention was over-the-top. It was 4 whole days of greatness! My sincere thanks to EVERYONE who made it happen. And Thank You to all responsible for the new tools too. You have been very busy indeed !
    Great work !

  3. Wild Bill Jones
    Wild Bill Jones says:

    From the beginning to the end, this was a completely spell binding event with the almost unbelievable stage production/electronic presentation ever…….WOW!
    To the ending segment with Sharlie……what a breath taking moment……especially knowing that she was now able to enjoy the luxury of taking in breath.
    Oh, the magic of it all. Heartfelt thanks USANA.
    Wild Bill Jones & Dyann Lyon

    TETE DE LA TORRE says:

    Esta convencion fue increible de principio a fin ! el festival muy animado, los presentadores magnificos , como todo lo que propone Usana; la verdad muy orgullosos de pertenecer a esta preciosa compañia y bueno…el regalo de nuestra Ipad para desarrollar mejor nuestro negocio fue la cereza en el pastel ¡¡ gracias Usana por todo ¡¡ vamos por mas ¡

  5. rene aldeguer
    rene aldeguer says:

    I am proud to be part of the Usana team. It has changed the lives of millions around the globe. We simply love Usana for its Mission & Vision. A Zillion thanks!

  6. Eve
    Eve says:

    It’s amazing and inspiring!!!
    It’s my honor to cooperate with USANA.
    Thank you for all you do, and I will overcome every struggles to share USANA with everyone.
    Thanks God ~let me meet USANA in my life~

  7. Sherri Erickson
    Sherri Erickson says:

    What a blessing to be part of this company for 16+ years! I’ve watched it evolve and grow and get better each year. The new logo and slogan are fantastic and will take us far! I’m excited more than ever to share USANA with the world!

  8. Amoy Joyce
    Amoy Joyce says:

    This convention has been AMAZING. I am truly blessed to partner with a company whose vision is to see “A world free from pain and suffering” and to help its Associates to succeed in building their business, Wow !! Thank you Dr Wentz and Dave for my iPad, I really wanted one and you gave one to me and every Associate too! May God return your graciousness 100fold, I can’t wait to hear the record of sales and the growth next year. I’m off to have fun…. working !

  9. Emerlina Carison
    Emerlina Carison says:

    Thank you USANA… Happy to love life and live it!…Hope we get Ipad as well here in the Philippines! 😉

    • María Rey
      María Rey says:

      Gracias! a Dios por ésta gran Familia USANA”, que no sólo transforma nuestra salud,también nuestro deseo de un VIVIR , con plenitud y entusiasmo”, y que toca los corazones más necesitados ,trayendo nuevas oportunidades” Gracias Dr. Wentz, Gracias Dave, y gracias a mi “coach Alberto”.

    • Pilar Rey
      Pilar Rey says:

      Gracias! a Dios por ésta gran Familia USANA”, que no sólo transforma nuestra salud,también nuestro deseo de un VIVIR , con plenitud y entusiasmo”, y que toca los corazones más necesitados ,trayendo nuevas oportunidades” Gracias Dr. Wentz, Gracias Dave, y gracias a mi “coach Alberto”.

  10. Leslie Przybyzewski
    Leslie Przybyzewski says:

    Amazing convention! I love my I-Pad. Thank-you. Even more I loved the joy on Dave Wentz’s face when he announced the give away.

    It was so wonderful to be able to reflect on the last 20 years which made me VERY excited about the next 20.

    Thank-you for all your hard work and integrity!


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