Nancy Drew: Making the Choice to Become a Top Fitness Athlete

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We make choices every day: Will you get mad at your 3-year-old son for spilling nail polish all over himself and the bathroom floor (yes, that actually happened to me). Or will you laugh hysterically and take lots of pictures to treasure the moment?

Will you choose to watch the late show or curl up in bed to finally read that book sitting on your nightstand?

Maybe you’ll skip out on the RESET Challenge today and promise to start again tomorrow?

We all have choices. But what we choose affects us. Good or bad.

NancyDrew4235w[1]Nancy Drew, international sales expert, author and motivational speaker, was faced with one overwhelming choice. She had spent many years dealing with personal challenges, and as a result, she became very ill.

So ill, Nancy thought she would lose everything. Having never been a fan of prescription medication, she wasn’t ready to rely on drugs for the rest of her life. So instead of medicating, she made a radical choice to heal herself through nutrition and exercise.

Choice: Get Healthy

“Getting my health back was my sole passion,” Nancy says. “I studied everything I could get my hands on. I sought out medical help and became highly educated in how the brain works, how the body reacts and what I needed to do to reach peak health. I created a plan for optimum health and got serious about training.”

Because Nancy focused all of her attention on becoming healthy, the results were outwardly visible — Nancy looked amazing, and everyone took notice. Not only did she look incredible, she had more energy and felt better than she ever had. The most significant change was Nancy was no longer sick and in need of medication.

In fact, Nancy was looking and feeling so good, she decided to enter a fitness competition. Someone who thought, “the only good thing about riding a bike is sitting down,” was now going to start training to become a top fitness athlete.

Choice: Enter a Fitness Competitiondrew5

After just one year of preparation, Nancy entered her first competition in June 2012. With more than 800
competitors and media coverage spanning the globe, Nancy took second place as Ms. Fitness Universe.

“I was extremely honored to compete with some of the most remarkable fitness athletes in the world,” she tells What’s Up, USANA. “But then to actually get first runner up was a dream come true.”

Five months later, Nancy competed at an even larger event — the Fitness America World Championship in Las Vegas — and placed fourth.

Choice: Help Others

With all her newfound success, Nancy has become a coach and mentor to others who seek to get healthy. She recently created the Nancy Drew Fitness program. The program targets individuals who lead busy lives, but haven’t made the time to exercise and get healthy.

“My specialty is helping people who are super busy and want a total new look and feel,” Nancy explains. “I want them to be successful at becoming healthy while maintaining their normal lives.”

Before a client can ever start one of her programs, Nancy has them take 12 health evaluations — one of them being the True Health Assessment.

“There are specific nutrition requirements that are critical for maintaining health and USANA provides that,” Nancy says. “I researched USANA before deciding to align myself and my health and wellness clients with the company, and now I rely on USANA to provide my clients the right balance of supplements for personalized health.” 





Not only does Nancy trust USANA for its nutritionals, she utilizes USANA’s other products for training. “I take Nutrimeal™ to the gym, and if a client gets weak or tired from training, I’ll make a shake right there and give it to them. I also use Rev3 for heavy training days.”

The results of the Nancy Drew Fitness program have been impressive. Clients define the program’s success with: improved energy, enhanced mental clarity, reduced stress, better sleep and an end to food cravings.

Nancy has been such a great example that two of her clients are now following in her footsteps. They will be competing in the NPC Southern California Bodybuilding Championships National Qualifier on June 8. “I’m training them and giving them all the secrets I use to win,” Nancy says. “I didn’t want to compete against my own clients, so I stepped down to focus on them.”


Choice: Be Successful

Though she won’t be competing in San Diego, Nancy will be vying to win the Fitness Universe competition at the end of June in Miami Beach. She feels it is important to place in this competition for several reasons. “Before I went in [to competitions] just for fun and prayed I wouldn’t embarrass myself, but now that has changed. There is an expectation for me to win,” she says. “I don’t mind though, because I know when I am successful, I’m showing others they can do the same.”

drew2Nancy’s choice to get healthy has really paid off and she plans to continue helping others. “I want to make the world a better place, one healthy person at a time!”

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  1. Robert Brooke Eldridge
    Robert Brooke Eldridge says:

    I have only know Nancy for a few short months, but she is so inspiring that she makes you want to take better care of yourself and get into better shape and condition! Her energy is limitless and she gives you encouragement, even if you didn’t think you needed it! She makes you believe you will do better, by her simple, but very effective words of encouragement! Now, go get in better shape! Col Brooke


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