USANA Fortune 25: Szia, USANA!

USANA Fortune 25 2013
USANA Fortune 25 2013

The elegant lobby of the Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest, Hungary.

Szia — or, hi — USANA!

USANA kicked off its annual Fortune 25 trip today in the historic city of Budapest, Hungary.

The top 25 USANA Distributors from around the world arrived throughout the day at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace, just off the banks of the Danube.

The hotel, an art nouveau landmark on Szechenyi Square, wowed everyone with its elegant lobby, sumptuous rooms, inviting service, and breathtaking views. Surrounded by such luxury, it was not surprising to learn that the Princess of Morocco was also staying in the hotel.

Distributors continued to receive the royal treatment — #USANAlifestyle! — in the afternoon, strolling through Budapest’s downtown district with local guides to learn about the city’s melting pot of art, history, and architecture.

The short tour, with its views of landmarks like Castle Hill, the Chain Bridge connecting Buda and Pest, and ancient Turkish baths, was the perfect preview of our next two days’ activities.

USANA Fortune 25 2013

Having gotten a small taste of Budapest, we were all ready to return to the hotel for a traditional Hungarian party, including local crafts and folk music. Guests enjoyed a lavish buffet of Hungarian dishes, including beef goulash, dill potatoes, goose liver paté, chicken paprikash, roast beef, spicy sausage, and a huge selection of bread, pretzels, and desserts.

USANA Fortune 25 2013

USANA Fortune 25 2013

USANA’s Fortune 25 enjoyed kürtőskalács, aaid to be the oldest pastry in Hungary.

The private party then spilled onto the boulevard next to Gresham Palace, where a street vendor was making fresh kürtőskalács — a deliciously simple coil-shaped pastry, baked over an open flame and dusted in cinnamon and sugar, chocolate, or almonds.

Said to be the oldest pastry in Hungary, the kürtőskalács is illustrative of our first day in Budapest: The perfect combination of history, beauty, and luxury.

We’re just getting started on what’s sure to be the trip of a lifetime for USANA’s top distributors.

Szia — or, see ya — tomorrow!

For many more photos from the USANA Fortune 25 trip, please visit the USANA SmugMug page.


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