How To Spring Clean Your Business

There’s something different in the air — something warm and fresh.


That means it’s time for gardening, outdoor activities, and spring cleaning.

We already gave you some great tips to organize your life, but this time we mean business — your business.

Now is the perfect time to clean up your contact list, set your records straight, and give your business a thorough, clean sweep.

200329721-001Let’s get to work!

1. Clean Up Your Contact List

Go through your list of potential team members and organize them. Combine all of the contacts from your phone, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., into one master list. Create a system highlighting the people who haven’t been contacted recently. Then be sure to follow through and check in with everyone.

2. Organize Your Products

Take an inventory of your products, check the expiration dates, and organize them for use by date. Running low on some of your favorites? Take some time to stock up and adjust your Auto Order so you’ll always have plenty of the products you love.

3. Get Your Records Straight

Look over your business plan and strategies to make sure you’ve got your records straight. For USANA Associates, familiarize yourself with The Income Maximizer™ on, focusing on our DLM and the “Free Services” section. Make sure you are fully utilizing the customized reports and tracking tools.

4. Strengthen Your Skills

Make a list of the skills you need to build your business and identify what areas are right on course and what areas need improvement. For example, how are your presentation, social media, and follow-through skills? Take advantage of USANA’s training tools to sharpen your skills.

5. Make a Plan

Spring Clean Your Business 2Now that you’ve got your business all organized, it’s time to focus on the future. Look over your goals and decide exactly what you want to accomplish. When is your next presentation? What events are you planning to attend this year? Write down a specific game plan and get to work.

You feel that change in the air? It’s more than just the coming of spring — it’s the start of something great for you and your business.

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