25 RESET Winners Drop Nearly 1,300 Pounds

The road to Sanoviv was paved with dedication, commitment, and a whole bunch of shed weight. In our last RESET Challenge* (before we move to MySmart™Start), our final class of winners spanned from Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,…
Flour Substitutes

A Few Ways to Eliminate White Flour From Your Diet

A lot of us out there—myself included—are taking part in the torturous, soul-crushing, Sisyphean task of trying to eat healthier and cleaner in hopes of looking like post Super-Soldier Serum Steve Rogers. So, naturally, most of the…

USANA Test Kitchen: Rev3 Chicken Fajitas

I know what you’re thinking: Rev3 Energy® Drink in fajitas?! What kind of madness is this? It’s delicious madness—I promise. With so many recipes that use soda as a marinade or cooking agent, it just makes sense to try it with…

A Green Thumb Can Be Good for Your Soul

You can get your head clear and your body right at a lot of different places. For some, it’s in the gym pumping iron and hitting the treadmill. For others, fishing an isolated riverbank does the trick. But for me, it’s right in my backyard,…
Fail Your Diet

Fail Your Diet in 10 Steps

Are you ready to set yourself up for failure? Here are 10 surefire ways to make sure you blow your diet. Do not have frozen fruit and vegetables on hand. This way when you realize you don’t have a backup plan for your vegetables you can…
Cucumber Fruit Salsa

From the USANA Test Kitchen: Cucumber Fruit Salsa

My whole life, I've heard about these people that don't like fruits and vegetables, and quite frankly, I've never understood it. For me, the fresh stuff on the plate was what I looked forward to. When I was researching my last blog post though,…