Look Where We Spotted Rev3 (Part 26)

It’s spring! And with the warmer weather comes a mixture of outdoor activities and adventures. From the hitting the slopes to the biking and hiking trails Rev3 Energy® fans are taking our cleaner, smarter, stronger energy drink in the most amazing and entertaining of places.

Here are the latest… Enjoy! And be sure to read on for an exciting new initiative we’re starting and that we want YOU to be a part of!

Frederic Gagne says he’s “never without the REV3. Boost in energy, vitamins and antioxidant. And it taste soooooooooo good.:)

Carissa Hills had a Rev3 table at a bike swap in Boise, Idaho. “It was a hit!” she says.


In early March, the Rev3 can made its debut in Australia-New Zealand to much fanfare.


Akira Honda had this to say about the event: “Hello Everyone! I am having a great time with many people in Sydney now ^_______^/ I was at Rev3 can drink product launch such a great experience for testing! I will be more “PERFECT” with Rev3 can! and I got USANA jacket and Rev3 T-shirt at USANA stores! Be “Infinity”! Be More Excited! Let’s Keep It Up! Let’s Enjoy!”


Here are some shots via USANA, Word!, the USANA Australia & New Zealand blog, from the launch. Check out these other Rev3 posts, as the ANZ continues to get Rev-ed Up!


Sam Kumar and his USANA team took the opportunity with the launch of the new Rev3 can to supply the St Georges Lions Cricket Team with the product at Moore Park. During the morning drinks session, the team and the umpires were all given a Rev3 can and USANA promotional material for their interest. The Lions went on to win the game came, and said afterward how much they enjoyed the drink and how it had given them extra energy. Sam will be supplying the team with Rev3’s each week from now on and the Lions offered to include the USANA logo on their uniform. Photo provided by Barry Collins.


Dalin Wang from USANA Australia/NewZealand shared this “awesome team with Dr. Myron Wentz. Cheers for a great USANA year!”


Nick Kelly put Rev3 to good use at the during the ANNUAL ‘LOOK GOOD NAKED’ EVENT 5K to benefit The House, Inc.


Check out this amazing  picture posted by Joshua McGowan. It’s the Rev3 Energy sunset barrel with Silver Director Jeremy Wright.


Janelyn Marcelo shared this shot from a morning hike to the Hollywood sign near Mount Washington, CA. “Powered by Rev3!”


Laura Brownwnood says “When you live on a boat, only supplies of the utmost importance will fill up an entire cabinet!”


Adam N Erica Raty posted this great shot on Facebook. “Nothing beats a nice cold, crisp Rev3 while hiking through Moab, Utah with my baby boy!!! Just can’t seem to leave home without it!”

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos. As always, you are helping spread the word about Rev3 Energy and you have the pictures to prove it.

A Rev3 Twist…

With the advent of Facebook Timeline, we thought we’d change things up and take advantage of your amazing images in a new way. Once a month we’ll be trading out our cover image with one of your submissions! Check out Adam and Erica’s picture on our Facebook page. This could be you!

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