USANA Accolades: Event of the Year

I don’t know about the rest of you, but winter has made its way to Salt Lake City and I have officially been forced to turn on my furnace. I mean, I can only put on so many layers of clothes before I begin to resemble Randy from A Christmas Story, and let’s be honest, that’s not a good look for anyone.


Regardless of the temps of your current locale, most of us are preparing for the holidays and the madness that accompanies it. Whether it’s taking your kids to visit Saint Nic at the mall (which usually ends in tears) or constantly fighting with yourself to NOT consume every cookie shaped like a snowman, it’s inevitable.

In my case it’s heading out in to the traffic and purchasing gifts for loved ones. Why? Not because the traffic makes me want to scream, but because I never know what to get them. I realize this sounds like a silly problem to have, and I’ll be the first to admit that it is, but it causes a lot of unnecessary stress in my life. #imaperfectionist and therefore need to give perfect gifts…

However, although I struggle with choosing the color of Toms I’m going to buy my sister, I know of the perfect gift when it comes to USANA. In our industry, nothing quite beats the gift of third-party credibility.

The Loot

Although this past month may have been quieter than others, it doesn’t mean these accolades don’t mean as much. In fact, these latest achievements highlight one of our biggest projects of the year — International Convention.

When our office began planning this year’s event, we knew it was going to big. With appearances from world-renowned musicians, athletes and TV personalities, a surprise iPad giveaway, corporate rebrand and product announcements, how could it not be amazing?

Our goal was to create a birthday celebration unlike any other, and according to the Best in Biz Awards*, we did just that. We successfully hosted America’s ‘Event of the Year’.

“In my 20 years of working in this industry I’ve never been a part of a convention that rocked the house like this one. With new technology, tons of moving parts, many major announcements and so much more, our Studios team more than hit it out of the park. They set a new benchmark in and outside of our industry.”

— USANA Chief Marketing Officer, Doug Braun

The third-party organization, also recognized members of our exceptional management team with silver honors, naming USANA CCO, Dan Macuga one of America’s top PR Executives of the Year, while Chief Legal Officer, Jim Bramble earned the title of being one of the best Legal Executives.

Wrapping Up the Year

With only a couple of weeks left in our 20th year, let’s see what else comes our way. We’ve topped last year’s company records, but by how many?

Check back next USANA Accolade post to find out!


*The Best in Biz Awards honors companies, teams, executives and products for their business successes and is the only independent business awards program judged by members of the press and industry analysts.

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  1. Tim Haran
    Tim Haran says:

    Allie, I always enjoy your posts and the spot-on pop culture references you include.

    Congrats to everyone who helped make USANA’s International Convention the “Event of the Year.” It truly was an incredible event.


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