Give Your Goals a Boost With Jen Groover’s ‘Best You Challenge’

Best You ChallengeDid you finish off 2012 the way you expected? Did you achieve all your goals?

Now that the holidays are over and we’re back to work, it’s time to give you a little boost for 2013.

The BEST YOU Challenge will empower and inspire participants to do something every day that challenges them to grow, be more mindful and face their fears.

Each morning, I will post on Facebook a task or thought/reflection that must be carried out throughout the day.

Join the movement on Facebook where thousands have already participated and grown and transformed their lives.

No matter your age, gender, background, experience level or even if your have participated before, The Best You Challenge will always inspire and evoke new awareness for you to grow, evolve and put you on the path closer to achieving your dreams.

The Best You Challenge

Some examples of challenges:

Jen Groover Best You Challenge1. Become More Mindful: Listen to every word you say, every thought you think, the foods you put in your body, the people your surround yourself with, the things you read, etc. Evaluate if they are positive or negative, if they add value or take it from you. Once you become mindful, you can become aware of what is holding you back in life and let go to create better habits.

2. Forgive: Holding onto anger is one of the most toxic things you can do to adversely affect your health and happiness. Today, begin to forgive and let go of all the people who ever hurt you. Begin to have compassion for them and whatever they are going through that caused them to harm you. Begin to understand most of the people you are mad at don’t even care, so the only one your anger is hurting is you.

3. Detox the Drainers: As you become more mindful of what is holding you back, you then need to begin to drain those people, thoughts, habits, foods, etc. from your life. Write a list of all of your drainers and cut them out of your life. Crumble up the paper you wrote the list on and throw it away, figuratively and physically, and begin to make space for new, positive enhancers in your life.

I look forward to seeing everyone on The Best You Challenge Facebook page!

Jen Groover Best You ChallengeJen Groover, business expert and inventor of the popular Butler Bag, helps new entrepreneurs on the path to success. Her name has become synonymous with innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2012, she became a spokeswoman for USANA Health Sciences.

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