7 Steps to ‘The Best You’

It’s been an incredible first week on this challenge of self-transformation with so many of you.  To hear about everyone’s breakthrough’s, realizations and results has been so inspirational to me.

We are thrilled to have so many on this journey to overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears to harness your true potential and achieve goals greater than you ever imagined

Here are the first seven steps to building a solid foundation for growth to flourish with success.

Day 1: BE MORE MINDFUL. The solid foundation of change, growth & evolution begins with a commitment to being more mindful. Once you become more mindful, you can expand your awareness. Paying attention to how your every thought and actions cause reactions, you can evaluate more effectively what behaviors are serving you well and which behaviors are causing damaging in your life and holding you back from the results your truly desire. Watch this brief video for more insight and inspiration!

Day 2: FORGIVE: Forgiveness=Freedom. When you hold onto anger and resentment, the only person you are hurting is yourself. Forgiveness allows you to grow, expand and evolve. Watch this video for more inspiration and insights.

Day 3-HAVE A COMPLAINT FREE DAY: My mom had a mantra, “You are not allowed to complain about something, unless you are going to do something about it”. This mantra was a gift to teach me to have a “solution driven” mindset, which is positive and productive, versus and a negative, complaining and draining mindset, which only holds you back. A day without complaints is like being on your favorite island where everything is perfect. Watch Day 3’s video.

Day 4 GRATITUDE: Gratitude is one of the powerful emotions that brings peace in every situation and a mindset of abundance, that brings more of what you desire into your life. Learn more about gratitude.

Day 5 DETOX THE DRAINERS: Becoming aware of and letting go of the things that drain you of your energy and productive mindset is important in making space for more positive influences and habits in your life. Identify what those drainers are (habits, people, foods, things you watch on TV, read, environments, etc) make a list, then begin to let them go. Watch the video for more insights and inspiration.

Day 6: INCREASE THE ENHANCERS: Enhancers are the things that add value and enhance our lives by giving us more energy, inspiration, motivation, support, care, etc. Identify the people, foods, music, habits, books, etc., that can enhance your life on a daily basis. Write a list. Keep it handy in stressful moments. Watch Day 6’s video for more inspiration.

Day 7: INCREASE YOUR “FOOD AWARENESS”: Food is an on-going, powerful drug we put in our bodies on a daily basis. The foods we choose create positive or negative reactions, way beyond weight gain and loss, including your moods, energy and mental clarity. Since we all have different genetic make-up, many choices affect each of us differently, so there is no “perfect diet” but there are fundamental rules to finding the superfoods that works for you, which is essential to your overall health. Watch this video for more insight.

Today is Day 8. Visit The Best You Challenge Facebook page for today’s challenge.

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