‘Coach Mike’ Shares the Secret to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

image 1Michael Harris — an attractive, successful, body-building competitor and eight-year military veteran — could have easily been an actor or a model. He’s always loved being in front of a camera and really thought his career would go in that direction.

But one crushing experience changed his entire outlook on life.

Several years ago, Michael’s grandmother died from an extended illness. Soon after, Michael began researching the human body and discovered what it took to become a healthier person. He immediately changed his life’s focus to help others understand how they could live a healthier lifestyle too.

Now aptly referred to as “Coach Mike,” Michael has opened a fitness-training studio in Chicago’s south loop.

In Michael’s search to find the best nutrition available for his clients, USANA Diamond Director Jordan Kemper coincidentally came into Michael’s studio one day and introduced him to USANA.

“He shared with me about the principles that go into USANA and it fit perfectly with me and my cause,” Michael says. “I live by the products and make sure my gym is fully stocked with the nutritionals, RESET, and Nutrimeal™. They fly like hot cakes!”

Though using USANA has helped Michael and his clients love life and live it, it takes more than the best products in the world to get people to change their lifestyle and get healthy.

USANA Coach MikeWhat’s the secret?

One word: motivation. Though it is just one word, it means something different for every individual. Michael says, “Find out what your hot button is, and you’ll never be able to turn back — it will be the driving factor to make the change you want to see.”

Three Key Principles

However, sometimes motivation isn’t enough. That’s why Michael says it’s important to stay focused on these three key principles to keep you going when you’re ready to give up:

  1. Believe it will happen — If you believe that you can change, you will.
  2. Envision yourself living healthy — If you don’t see yourself living healthy, you won’t.
  3. Realize it will be challenging — Know there will be bumps along the way, but stay determined to reach your goal.

How to Get Started

So now that the secret to living healthy has been revealed, where should you start? Here are some ways Michael suggests to get going for those of you who may have never set foot in a gym:

  1. Get on your feet! You’ll burn more calories standing up vs. sitting or lying down to exercise. Start with functional (bodyweight) movement, do some light running, but don’t do anything too strenuous or intense at first.
  2. Get creative. Do what you love to do. If you don’t like yoga, then you won’t be successful at it. There are many types of exercises to try. Find what works best for you.
  3. Don’t focus on losing weight. Focus on being healthy. Weight loss is simply a side effect.
  4. Understand what works best for you. Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

Want more tips? You can get one-on-one fitness advice right in the comfort of your very own home through “Coach Mike’s” Virtual Private Trainer or VPT. And feel free to reach out by texting “Coach Mike” to 90210.


And here’s Michael demonstrating how USANA products can help others in their quest to getting healthy:


Here’s one last tip from Michael to help you stay focused on your path to getting healthy: “Everyone can get motivated for a moment. At the end of the day, it’s like kindling the fire,” Michael says. “But if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you will be able to carry each other’s load and encourage each other to succeed.”

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  1. Christian
    Christian says:

    Men and women usually are inclined to rush right right into the healthy way of life, yet
    this very often ends in crashing and burning considerably, as they normally have
    no idea what to attempt and how to adept directly into a new diet and lifestyle.
    Living a Healthy Lifestyle instructs a critical general rule which’ll help anybody change diet and lifestyle beginning at this point.


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