Why You Should Be At Convention: Live It!

CONVENTION 2012 022-XLThere are many reasons why I love USANA’s International Convention in Salt Lake City. First and foremost, I get to spend time with the USANA family, which means I have the opportunity to meet new Associates — one of my favorite things — and reconnect with our more experienced business builders. This is always so important to me, because I love talking with and meeting people who share USANA’s vision.

Beyond the people, there is always an amazing amount of excitement that comes along with new announcements and the big awards we hand out every year.

I love surprising everyone and showing off what USANA has been working on all year, and rewarding our hardworking Associates gets me pumped up for the year ahead. But beyond all that, this year, our theme has me particularly excited.

“Live It” is a strong rally cry that tells the world who USANA is! It’s a way of life for the USANA family. And it’s a reminder that no matter your goals, dreams, hopes, or desires, USANA can help you live it.

_MG_1144-XLAnd, coincidentally, there is no better place to start that journey than at the USANA 2013 International Convention.

We will give you the tools to build a better business, live a healthier lifestyle, and to experience life your way. Of course, it’s up to you to put those tools to work right away to start building a better you.

But that’s what so great about USANA … we’ll see you at convention, but we’re here to support you all year long!

So join me at the 2013 International Convention to kick off a new and exciting year. A year full of changes, excitement, and living life to its fullest. We’re gonna Live It! The question is, are you?


Follow me on Twitter @Dave_Wentz and tell me why you are excited for this year’s convention. Make sure to use the #USANA13 or #LiveIt hashtag on social media so everyone can join in the excitement.

Editor’s Note: This is the fifth in a five-part series by USANA CEO Dave Wentz leading up to the USANA 2013 International Convention.

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  1. Anthony Olaiz
    Anthony Olaiz says:

    I have spent alot of money on usana all ready and believing that I was supposed to have a succesful business according to soomin kim who bs talked me into going for the iPad promotion now that I am broke and can not make autoship payments and it means I have to pay for the iPad I do not have a job so I cannot pay for it so I was told they will turn it over to collection agency thank you soomin kim and usana

    • Noemi
      Noemi says:

      Anthony, Soomin Kim should have told you the complete details about the promotion, as far as usana, if your jobless and broke maybe it’s time for you to work it. Its hard, but very rewarding.


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