Go Green at #USANA13 and Benefit Those in Need

Kathy Kaehler shows off a USANA nutrition bar. green

Kathy Kaehler shows off a USANA nutrition bar.

USANA is wrapping up more ways to go green, and we hope you will, too!

Beginning at the 2013 International Convention, USANA Green will be partnering with the USANA True Health Foundation to introduce a nutrition bar wrapper-recycling program. Here’s what it means: by recycling your used nutrition bar wrappers, the foundation will receive money for each pound of wrappers collected! Not only will you be doing something healthy for you, you’ll be doing something healthy for the environment, plus supporting a great cause.

We encourage you to bring all of your used nutrition bar wrappers (all brands of bar wrappers that have a silver lining are welcome) to a special container available at the Salt Palace during convention. If we get enough wrappers collected, a sizable monetary donation could be made to the foundation.

And we won’t wrap up there. After Convention, collection receptacles will be available at our Home Office in the United States as well as our international offices in Mexico, Canada, and Australia. If you prefer, you will even have the option of mailing us your wrappers.

As you can see, we’re serious about helping our environment and helping the USANA True Health Foundation. Save those wrappers and support a great cause!

While You’re At It…

This isn’t the only way you can be green while visiting Salt Lake City. Check out these easy ways to be environmentally conscious at Convention.

Rent a bike to get around Salt Lake City.


Conserve water in your hotel.


Saving energy and water at the Salt Palace.


Ride TRAX (light-rail) to your hotel from the airport.


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USANA True Health Foundation

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    • Tim Haran
      Tim Haran says:

      Hi Susanna,
      I just heard back from our USANA Green team and they let me know they are accepting mailed-in wrappers. Please mail to

      USANA Health Sciences
      Att: Denisa Omerovic
      3838 W. Parkway Blvd.
      Salt Lake City, UT 84120

  1. Denisa Omerovic
    Denisa Omerovic says:

    Hi 🙂 if you guys are ready to ship any wrappers ( weighing at more than 1 LBS ) please email me i will send you a fresh new shipping label each time (since we can use each label only once) thank you all for helping !!


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