USANA Accolades: Consistency is Key


SuccessSo the Emmy’s happened last weekend and like most award shows, I ended up watching them. Not because I was genuinely interested, but because I need to be in the know of everything that is pop culture related.

Side Rant: Who decided it would be a good idea to run a memoriam for the series that ended in the past year? I mean, I may be late to the party on some of these shows, but that doesn’t mean my Netflix and HBO Go binge watching rights should be taken from me from unavoidable spoiler alerts! End rant.

But I’m glad I watched it, because there were some memorable moments that came from the three-hour show. Like when Viola Davis made history by becoming the first African American to win lead actress in a drama, and the way Jon Hamm ascended the stage after finally winning for his work in Mad Men.

Whether you agree with who won those categories or not, those that did taught us an important lesson. Consistency is key. And if you keep your head down and continue to give it your all—whatever it may be and in any aspect of your life—your work and dedication to better yourself and your surroundings, will not go unnoticed.

USANA Accolades 2014And while USANA has been doted upon by its peers and third-party organizations for more than two decades, societal trends and the needs of its USANA family are constantly changing. Forcing us to stay consistent in the quality of work we put out.

Luckily for USANA, it’s a lesson we learned long ago and has earned us more than 450 accolades since 1992, and nearly 50 of those have been awarded this year alone.


  • Best of State – Recognized for its innovative science and exceptional nutritional supplements, personal care and energy products, USANA brought home five Best of State honors earlier this spring. The company has been recognized an astonishing 38 times in the past 12 years.
  • Australian Business Awards – Providing notable opportunities for organizations to be recognized for well-managed, high-performing, industry-leading initiatives. USANA took home wins in the Best New Product (Berry Nutty bars) and Best Cloud Product (The HUB) categories.
  • Canada DSA Industry Innovation Award – Awarded specifically to innovative ideas and programs that contribute to the growth opportunities for entrepreneurs in the direct-selling industry. USANA’s True Health Assessment app took home top honors.
  • NutriSearch Editors’ ChoiceUSANA Colombia has been recognized as the 2015 Editors’ Choice in the NutriSearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements for the Americas, for it’s excellence in manufacturing quality and commitment to science.
  • Stevie Awards – Honoring the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and business people worldwide through four programs, USANA has been recognized in 13 different categories, including best Management Team of the Year, Customer Service Department of the Year, PR Campaign of the Year for its partnership with The Dr. Oz Show, and more.
  • Utah Business 30 Women to Watch – Recognizing tenacious leaders, community advocates and strong examples to their peers, Lori Truman, USANA’s vice president of U.S. field development was one of 30 women to earn this prestigious honor in the state.

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