USANA France and Belgium Ready for Business

USANA’s 2011 International Convention brought several amazing announcements, including the planned expansion into two new markets — France and Belgium. Since then, USANA France and USANA Belgium have moved forward at an incredible rate and are now officially open for business!

Associates and Preferred Customers can now be enrolled, and USANA products can be purchased for personal use and distribution. Several EU-focused nutritionals have received registration approval including, the Essentials™, Proflavanol® C100, Procosa® and more.

The new USANA office is located on the most well-known and prestigious street in all of Paris, the Avenue des Champs-Elysées. Just over a mile long, the famous street is close to the heart of town, making the new office easily accessible and convenient.

USANA Paris Office:
118, Avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris, France
Distributor Service:
+33(0) 1 42 99 76 50
Front Desk:
+33(0) 1 42 99 76 60

For more information, please visit the USANA France/Belgium: Frequently Asked Questions page. Be sure to like USANA France and USANA Belgium on Facebook!

Be in the know! Follow USANA on Twitter and like our USANA Facebook page for the latest news and notes.

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  1. shaun kwong
    shaun kwong says:

    Wow, this is a dream coming true. My friends in France will be open to meet me there. Anyone wants to join USANA are warmly welcom. Welcome to the big family of USANA. Share the vision of Dr. Myron Wentz. I am from Malaysia.

  2. Louis Gremeaux
    Louis Gremeaux says:

    Good Morning
    I am now on holiday in Paris and I need to buy some vitamins at agent’s price.
    Also I need some French brochures to present to my friends in France.
    I am an agent in HKG.
    Thank you in advance for your good answers.
    Louis Gremeaux

  3. Tim Haran
    Tim Haran says:

    Hello Louis,
    Please get in touch with the USANA France office. They should be able to help you out. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. +33(0) 1 42 99 76 50

  4. sharon suizo
    sharon suizo says:

    hi good day! i am currently a usana member base here in singapore but i got a friend who is leaving in ireland who wants to join Usana .i want to enroll her in ur office because they said that europe residents who wants to be a distributor should enroll in france but the thing is in ireland she doesnt have any social security number which is required in the enrollment she only have what they called personal pin no. so thats why i have not continue her enrollment so what can you suggest me to do hope you can help me out! thank you


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