Meet the USANA Management Team: Deborah Woo

You should always start with the most important thing — it helps keep people from telling you to get to the point. So here’s something that speaks volumes about USANA President Deborah Woo: when asked what her favorite sport is, she replies, “Does a shopping spree count?”

Yes. Of course it does, because that’s a perfect answer.

It hits on a few important things about Deborah. She loves shopping, and she’s fun. You see both of those things on display anytime Deborah is onstage — vibrant, energetic, always well dressed.

If you ask her about the things she’s most excited to shop for, you’ll get an answer like this:

“Watches, shoes, handbags, clothes, bling-blings, home decors … help I’m running out of space here!”

You already knew Deborah loved her shoes and has memorized every pair. And you also may have learned the origin of her love of designer things from her management series story on Go read it, but here’s the gist of it — as a kid, Deborah wanted to be a fashion model when she grew up.

So a love of shopping and clothes and shoes isn’t anything new. And those aren’t Deborah’s only passions. She also loves cooking, and enjoys food — her favorite dish is chili crab in Singapore. She wishes she had more time to prepare good, home-cooked meals. But if she had an extra hour or two, Deborah says she’d be more likely to spend it with some Earl Grey tea, a piece of cake, and some friends at a teahouse.

Deborah also works some pop culture into her busy schedule. Her favorite movie, which she can quote extensively, is Kung Fu Panda. She also loves the suspense of CSI, and enjoys the challenge of correctly picking the guilty party. Deborah also listens to the Eagles and enjoys good books about art and design.

While those tidbits give you a small glimpse into the personal life of one of the people most associated with USANA’s Asia Pacific region, there is one piece of information that is a little more telling. And it’s a response to a question you wouldn’t expect to hear answered in a fairly profound way.

Favorite vacation spot?

“Not a spot, but a journey — on the Orient Express,” Deborah says.

A journey. Of course it is, because that, too, is a perfect answer.

Want to learn more about other members of USANA management? Check back on and What’s Up, USANA? for more Meet the Management Team stories and blogs in the coming weeks.

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