Losing Leads to Rewards for RESET Winners

RESET Challenge Reward Sanoviv Featured 2
RESET Challenge Reward Sanoviv View 2

No matter what room you’re in at Sanoviv, you’re sure to get a beautiful view.

Full disclosure: I was nervous about attending USANA’s 2014 RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation grand-prize trip, which is taking place now at Sanoviv Medical Institute. Reading and learning about everything Sanoviv offers can be a little intimidating.

Now that I’ve spent a few days here, I realize I had nothing to worry about.

Not only is Sanoviv breathtakingly gorgeous — I’m writing this post while overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Baja California, México — but it’s a relaxing, luxurious facility meant to heal the mind, body, and soul.

And for the 22 RESET Challenge winners, spending six days at Sanoviv is a fulfilling reward for all the weight they’ve lost — 1,054 pounds total — and hard work they’ve gone through.

Many have lost a quarter of their total body weight and are still watching the numbers on the scale go down.

Others have dropped some serious lbs and are looking to define their newfound svelte physique. These transformations are incredibly inspiring — especially for someone who’s struggled with maintaining a healthy weight her entire life.

RESET Challenge Reward Sanoviv Winners

2014 RESET Challenge: Destination Transformation winners enjoying Sanoviv.

Living the #SanovivLifestyle

We all know you’re living the #USANAlifestyle. What about the #SanovivLifestyle? Everyone here is.

After talking with many of the winners, they’re just as in awe of this place as I am. They feel their dedication and determination is being rewarded in the best way possible.





Just a few of the words they’ve used to describe Sanoviv — and we’re only halfway through!

RESET Challenge Reward Sanoviv Vicente-Gutierrez 2

RESET winner Vicente Gutierrez has his body fat measured.

So far they’ve survived liquid day — that’s right, only shakes and soups — and a few workouts with celebrity trainer Kathy Kaehler.

Just about everyone has experienced the many amenities Sanoviv has to offer.

During a lecture by Sanoviv nutritionist Oscar Puig, he said that using BMI to measure how healthy you are isn’t always accurate. In fact, following the lecture, everyone who wanted to was able to have their body fat measured, as this gives a better indication of one’s physical health.

Adored Visitor Surprises Winners

The highlight of the Sanoviv experience so far: A special appearance by USANA and Sanoviv Founder Dr. Myron Wentz.

RESET Challenge Reward Sanoviv Dr Wentz-Marc Bibeau 2

Dr. Myron Wentz and RESET winner Marc Bibeau hold the painting Marc made for Dr. Wentz.

On Friday afternoon, with the winners gathered in the Tea Room, Dr. Wentz chatted with the group and took hundreds of photos with everyone. That’s right, every single person got a photo with Dr. Wentz.

RESET winner Marc Bibeau took a moment to personally thank Dr. Wentz for being everyone’s “father of health” and presented Dr. Wentz with a beautiful Sanoviv-inspired painting.

Needless to say, it was the moment of a lifetime. Not only for Marc, but for every single RESET winner.


If you’re unable to view the above video, please visit the USANA YouTube channel.

Stay Tuned

There’s a lot more to come from Sanoviv. So stay tuned here on What’s Up, USANA? and USANAtoday.com for more updates and inspirational stories.

*Individual results may vary. RESET weight-management system lowers your daily caloric intake and recommends moderate exercise for best results. Average results are 4.5 lbs. in five days.

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