USANA Japan’s Happy Sumo

Editor’s Note: This personal account of a recent USANA product fair comes from our Japan office manager, Koki Fukuda.

USANA Japan recently hosted a public fair that featured USANA’s great line of products, product information kits and fun activities. We were also honored with the presence of three young Sumo wrestlers from Sadogatake Stable, an organization we support.

USANA Japan Product Fair
Sumo is Japan’s ancient and time-honored sport that dates back more than 1,500 years. It has its origin as a ceremonial banquet as a demonstration for peace and harvest.

Today, Sumo is a competitive wrestling sport that everyone loves to watch in Japan. For the sake of comparison, for us, this is  like Americans supporting a team as prevalent as the New York Yankees!

Sadogatake is a well-known training stable to which USANA Japan happily offers access to HealthPak™ to all stable wrestlers.

Training to be a Sumo wrestler is extremely grueling and challenging — many say that anyone who has experienced this training can overcome any challenge in life.

It is my honor that they have chosen USANA to help them to perform better.

USANA Japan Sumo

“HealthPak strengthens me against fatigue after tough trainings!”

The event offered USANA Associates a precious opportunity to meet and talk with the wrestlers — a rarity since they spend so many hours on preparation, training and tournaments.

It felt so great to see those happy faces! It is my pride and joy to be a supporter of this traditional sport in Japan. USANA, unlike other nutritional supplement companies, has been given a unique opportunity to be a part of Sumo world.

I hope these young wrestlers who visited us at our product fair will persevere through the tough training ahead of them and become the grand champions of Yokozuna.
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