Manny Pacquiao: The Champ Chooses USANA

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From left: Teri Tom, Manny Pacquiao, Alex Ariza

The Internet is buzzing with news that Manny Pacquiao, who is widely considered the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world and one of the greatest boxers of all time, officially takes USANA’s award-winning nutritional supplements.

Pacquiao’s proverbial rags to riches story has not only inspired an entire nation of 95 million Filipinos, but also has captured the hearts of millions of people around the world.

Pacquiao is the first boxer in history to hold world titles in 8 different weight divisions, having fought at 106 pounds, all the way to 150 pounds. He is presently the WBO Welterweight World Champion and, amazingly, is also a congressman serving in the House of Representatives for the province of Sarangani in the Philippines.

With a worldwide endorsement deal from Nike along with having appeared on the cover of Time magazine and featured on CBS’s 60 Minutes, numerous pundits assert that Pacquiao may one day run for president of the Philippines. You should expect to see a lot more of Pacquiao and USANA in future. In fact, as we write this blog, CBS and Showtime are heavily promoting Pacquiao’s upcoming fight on May 7 against former three division World Champion, “Sugar” Shane Mosley.

usana athletes

Gold Director David Block with Manny Pacquiao

A Natural Partnership with Manny Pacquiao

So how did this partnership between Pacquiao and USANA come about? We turn to Alex Ariza, the elite strength and conditioning coach for Pacquiao and a number of other professional fighters.

With a B.S. in exercise and nutritional sciences from San Diego State University and 2 years of extensive medical training at Health Science College of Medicine, Ariza stands out as one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world. In preparing Manny to challenge welterweight boxing sensation Oscar De La Hoya in late 2008, Ariza began working with Teri Tom, a distinguished registered dietician who introduced Ariza to USANA’s award-winning nutritional supplements.

As part of Pacquiao’s nutritional overhaul, Tom noticed that the fighter had previously been taking one of the world’s most popular multivitamins. Knowing about the USANA difference firsthand, Tom and Ariza convinced Pacquiao to give USANA a try in the fall of 2008, and the three have not looked back. Initially a huge underdog, Pacquiao went on to defeat De La Hoya in a lopsided fight that later convinced De La Hoya to retire from boxing. After seeing Pacquiao take out Ricky Hatton and Miguel Cotto to win an unprecedented world title in 7 weight divisions, Ariza decided to partner with Tom and USANA to provide his high profile fighters and others with the best nutritionals on the market.

To take this partnership with USANA global, Ariza and Tom collaborated with Silver Director David Weinberg, an attorney and former estate planner for a number of Forbes 400 clients, and Gold Director David Block, who, prior to USANA, founded his own hedge fund and was an award-winning research analyst in the health and nutrition sector.

usana manny pacquiao

Silver Director David Weinberg with Alex Ariza

Making a Difference

Aspiring to make a difference in peoples’ lives and educate the masses about true health and the importance of nutrition, the dynamic core formed The Pacquiao Team (TPT), which is currently conducting a large scale USANA campaign in the Philippines that aims to bring both financial security and optimal health to as many Filipinos as possible.

Pacquiao and his training camp have been approached by countless nutrition companies and supplement suppliers in the past, but seeing that uncompromising product quality, effectiveness, and safety is the most important consideration for athletes and consumers, USANA became the obvious choice for Pacquiao’s personal nutritional regimen.

“Based on Alex’s experience and expertise, he chose USANA (as they were) the best products on the market,” according to a post on Pacquiao’s official website entitled Alex Ariza and USANA: The Truth About Manny Pacquiao’s Pills, which was published on March 14, 2011.

We at USANA would like to congratulate all of the parties involved in making this partnership a reality. It is an honor knowing that elite champions like Manny Pacquiao choose to take our nutritional products to help them optimize their heath and perform at their best. It is also inspiring to see how hard work and persistence can pay off if we all continue to work together to spread Dr. Wentz’s message of true health.

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  1. Michel-Ange Cesaire
    Michel-Ange Cesaire says:

    Big moves! Amazing! This adds to the credibility of the USANA team and the quality of its products and services.

  2. celine
    celine says:

    We’re truly proud to be Filipinos and to be part of the USANA family!!!

    If Manny Pacquiao, a world-renowned athlete takes USANA nutritionals, what more could we ask for? 🙂

  3. Matt Skinner
    Matt Skinner says:

    Well I must say I am not SURPRISED!!! When you have the best PRODUCTS YOU… YOU will attract the BEST athletes… Awesome Manny great to have him aboard… USANA Health Sciences.

  4. maritez menes
    maritez menes says:

    congratulations to manny for just winning again the big fight just finished and for using USANA products,we are proud to be filipino and proud to be part of USANA PHILIPPINES..

  5. Rodulfo Mayo
    Rodulfo Mayo says:

    if it works for the champ who started poor then it means it is the best for everyone rich or poor for optimal health

  6. Bugsy
    Bugsy says:

    NO DOUBT! USANA is athlete guaranteed! what more do you ask for. Way to go Manny…

    If you are taking multivitamins, then take the BEST OF THE BEST, the USANA Essentials. Check The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle Mcwilliams, 4th edition. USANA is top rated and it’s the Editor’s Choice…

  7. JO-AL
    JO-AL says:

    USANA-One Family with one Mission:
    “To SPREAD the Gift of HEALTH and WEALTH to ALL!”


  8. Mikey Runas
    Mikey Runas says:

    Skeptic ako nung una gaya nang mga duktor sa paggamit ng mga supplements. Mahirap kasi mabola ang mga kagaya ko rin na, ” show me the science and evidence” ang drama sa buhay kaya siguro ilag nuong una ung gustong mag-offer ng USANA sa akin. Pinabasa nia yung NUTRISEARCH, nagbasa pa ako ng mga articles sa ibang references, hayun na-convince na ako. Mas madali raw pala mapaniwala ang mga katulad ko basta evidence-based ang ipapakita na produkto. Ngayon, hindi lang ako USER ng USANA. PUSHER na rin ako!

  9. Abner D. Ibarra
    Abner D. Ibarra says:

    If a filipino congresman and the most popular pound for pound king is using it. then there is no reason why I and my Family will not use this USANA health products……Abner

  10. Edna
    Edna says:

    Finally! I’m glad it’s official. Everyone knows one of the secrets to Manny’s staying power and strength. Go Manny! Go Mommy D.

  11. Mary Jane L Nepomuceno
    Mary Jane L Nepomuceno says:

    Ang husay talaga ni Manny pumili. MABUHAY KA MANNY! Ang mga katulad mo dapat tularan. Nagkaka edad na kami ng asawa ko at awa ng Diyos wala kami mga maintenance sa sakit at eto lang ang investment ko sa sarili namin ang supplements. Prevention and not maintenance. God bless USANA creating a trusted name for health.

  12. norma hidalgo
    norma hidalgo says:

    i love it the best. lo amo me gusta mucho el box saludos
    el box es un gran deporte lo amo y todo lo que se refiera a salud goooooooooooooooooood maye firends.

  13. Sparkle Sparky
    Sparkle Sparky says:

    Manny is a great champion and he chooses the best for his health! There’s no doubt that Usana is the best and the champion among nutrional health today!

  14. ask upline
    ask upline says:

    I agree with Matt Skinner, When you have the best PRODUCTS YOU… YOU will attract the BEST athletes… I just want to add that If you have the best athletes then you can have the best promotions and sales.

  15. benito castillo
    benito castillo says:

    It will help people maintain good health over the long term quality of life and by providing your cells with the nutrients your body needs. Grabe husay talaga!

  16. Jameelah bermundo
    Jameelah bermundo says:

    Me and my family were proud users and pushers of Usana. Big difference from all Food supplement and FDA Approved na ang ating Best of the Best USANA Essentials and Proflavanol c-100. Looking forward to a more fruitful years to come in our lives

  17. Phyllis Legatos
    Phyllis Legatos says:

    As a Certified Personal Trainer who has been consuming Usana for over 6yrs, my son 22, and daughter 21 also love Usana, as do many friends, family and clients! When I found out that Usana sponsored the Canadian and U.S. Winter Olympic teams!! in 2010 Vancouver, I was SO proud, as well as the World Tennis Association! is on board, and now a Champion like Manny P…wow!! our athletic team is growing and I am thrilled by these TOP endorsememts. It’s going to be an amazing year for us all…cheers to 2012 and Usana! BIG thanks to Dr. Wentz, a visionary way ahead of his time….so happy & lucky that I met this amazing company… serendipitously!
    xoxo from Montreal, Canada

  18. Belinda Z. Salamat
    Belinda Z. Salamat says:

    thanks God we have it Usana is the best of all thanks to Dr. Wentz and all the people behind this unique cellular nutrition maraming natulungan people talaga. Im very proud to be one of the Usana family its really good to us…….. it helps to us

  19. babi g. vallejo
    babi g. vallejo says:

    we’re so proud to be a part of USANA’s family..God is so good that He leads ud to this “best among the best” cellular nutritional supplement all over the world…not just a “hearsay” but proven and effective,we even have our own personal testimonies of USANA products…God bless you more,all of you behind these awesome company special mention to DR.MYRON WENTZ AND FAMILY…..MORE POWER….

  20. malou
    malou says:

    Nung una kong makilala ang USANA sa kamay ni Manny Paquiao sa tv, pinakita nya nung ineterview cya,pero hindi parin ako nakumbinse,after that may nakilala ako sa shuttle, unfortunately nawala yung calling card nya,dealer cya ng usana.Lately tHis march nahopitalized ang father ko 4 hospitals na dinalhan ko sa kanya.ang ibinigay lang sakin essentials and hemostan, he’s 81 years old.almost a month na cya umiinom ngayon ang laki ng ipinagbago ng katawan nya.Thankyou Usana you’re a big help to us!

  21. rene
    rene says:

    The objective to see nations & is peoples free from degenerative deceases is a mega task to undertake. But w/ the dedication & unconditional commitment of its countless distributors in reaching out & sharing the good news about usana will nonetheless make a difference in this world. Usana.. the BEST!!

  22. marilyn o. ibarrola
    marilyn o. ibarrola says:

    nakakatuwa! ang ating pambansang kamao user pala ng USANA. Congrats to me! Hindi ako nagkamali na uminom nito.2 weeks pa lng ako user ng essentials and it helps me a lot in my daily activities. I’m so energetic!!!! I will take it for LIFE!…..


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