What’s Up, USANA? is written by a team of regular authors and frequent contributors from within USANA and beyond. Daily content keeps readers in tune with the latest and greatest USANA happenings.

Here’s a list of our current contributors — click on any name to find out more about them and see what they’ve been up to lately!

Current Contributors

Mallory Moger
Marine Flatres
Matt Jaggi
Melissa Carter
Missy Bird
Misty Dangel
Nick Peterson
Parrin HabibpourRuss Barton
Samantha Thayer
Sasha Patane
Scott Pack
Steve Kostrencich
Toni McKinnon
Yulin Yin

Allie Henderson
Amy Haran
Angie Larsen
Ashley Collins
Aubrie Haymore
Austin Catmull
Ayugi Arunga
Ben Raskin
Boyd Bastian
Brian Dixon
Brian Paul
Cameron Smith
Camille Fletcher
David Baker
Elysia Yuen
Emma Conger
Katie Roundy

Kevin Guest

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